How to grow capsicum at home?

Utkarsh Patil
6 min readNov 26, 2020

Hey gardeners! Last week only I have harvested fresh capsicums from my backyard garden. There fore now you have guessed our today’s blog topic that is ‘how to grow capsicum at home‘ with a lot of yields. One more thing I want to tell you is I have planted these capsicums in the pot.

Now I will also train you to grow your capsicum plant at home in both the balcony garden and terrace garden. In this way, you can enjoy your own fresh capsicums.

With the green capsicums, you can also have the plant of red capsicum and yellow capsicum, and they are also very easy to grow. And today in this article we are going cover this topic that is: How to grow capsicum from seeds, with all updates from seedlings up to fruiting.

So stay connected with us till the end and now let's start our journey from seed planting to the fruiting. Let’s get started.

Here the first thing you should have is some seeds of capsicum which you are going to plant. you can plant these seeds from the completely grown fruit of capsicum. But it’s better to purchase good quality seeds of different colors such as red capsicum, green capsicum, and yellow capsicum from an online store or nearby seed shop.

Planting Time to grow capsicum at home

It’s very easy to grow the capsicum seeds at home. The right time to grow the capsicum at home is depended upon the region where you live. If you are living in a cold region then you can plant at any time in the year. But the people who are living in the hot areas, they should start their seed planting from the beginning of October.

When planted in October the capsicum plant gets the cold environment to grow itself better. And when they grew up they can easily handle the hot environment also.

But the good thing is in spite of having the hot location it is possible to grow capsicum plants at home from seeds if you develop a location where there are a lot many plants are grown. Hence the temperature of that area will automatically become low.

Therefore you can grow the capsicum at home garden anytime in the year. So that you can take proper care of the plant and can harvest as many as the capsicum over the year.

Planting Process of Capsicum at home

In this way we have discuss about the planting time, now let’s talk about the planting process of capsicum at home.

You have to just sprinkle the seeds of capsicum in the flowering pot or directly on the ground. Just one thing to be noted is to keep the distance between two seeds. So that it becomes easy for you while removing the plant and repotting in another pot.

After sprinkling the seeds you can cover it with the potting mix. You can use any potting mix which you generally use at your garden.

Now you have to water it as much as required. Because of that, the seeds will become moist and can be germinated properly.

See when you grow the capsicum at home the seeds must be planted in the location where the sunlight is coming directly. Because of that, the seeds will not become laggy. The capsicum plant becomes laggy in low light so that the presence of bright light is very important.

After a few days of planting…

I want to share with you my updates after planting the capsicum seeds at home. After a few days, the seeds get germinated completely. You can see the small plants grown in the area or pot you have planted.

Normally seeds get germinated between 1 week to 3 weeks. This germination completely depends upon the temperature you have given to the seeds.

Now you can repot those grown seedlings into a new small pot and later after a month you can repot into a large pot or you can directly repot into the large pot.

Use of Fertilizer to grow capsicum at home

You should not add any kind of fertilizer till one month to the seedling you have repotted. After one month, transfer it to the new large pot. Keep in mind friends, the large pot must be of 10 inches at least that you are using so that the capsicum plant can grow properly and can give lots of capsicums.

The second important thing is the potting mix. You can use any potting mix which you normally use in other vegetables. They are coconut coir, an equal ratio of vermicompost, perlite or you can also you equal mixture of soil, sand, and fertilizers.

One suggestion I want to give you is if you have a new fertilizer or you don’t know that fertilizer is new or old then don’t use that fertilizer more than 1/4 of the potting mix. And if your fertilizer is old then don’t use it more than 1/3 of potting mix.

This one thing you should always remember if you are going to prepare the potting mix. Because more fertilizer can melt the roots of the plant and hence plant gets damaged.

Another capsicum plant I have grown!

The image you can see above is of the capsicum plant I have grown before two months at my house. And you can see that its trunk is robust. And now the flowers are also growing on it.

Friends you can also see that I have kept the soil level so down. The main reason behind doing that is first, the capsicum plant needs a good fertilizer for fruiting and another reason is that I live in a hot area so that mulching becomes very important, because of that the soil gets moist appropriately and prevents the capsicum plant from falling of fruit and flower.

You should add approximately 50 to 60 grams of vermicompost to the fertilizer and do mulching through the dry leaves or any bark of the tree available with you.

There are many different benefits of MULCHING. And I will try to make a different detail a article on mulching, So stay connected with soil gardner.

After 4 Months…

Here above I have shown my plant which is four months old and it also has some flowers and fruits. Now you have to add good fertilizer into it which must have phosporous in right amount.

Vermicompost or compost which can be made from the kitchen waste should be used 70 to 80 grams. And now after that, you should put some rock phosphate into it. Rock Phosphate is a phosphorous-rich fertilizer and it is also organic so you can use it without thinking.

If you don’t have rock phosphate then you can use single super phosphate, there is no problem with it. Note that you have to use rock phosphate or single super phosphate at an amount of 1/4 tablespoon with the plant which is 4 to 5 months grown.

Repeat this dosage of vermicompost and rock phosphate every month.

In between, you can use the neem cake or mustard cake fertilizer, or seaweed liquid fertilizer. Because of this, every requirement of the nutrients to the plant gets completed.

Now make a habit of spraying the sea weed fertilizer to all the plants every month in your garden.


The first capsicum plant I have grown is orange capsicum. Initially the fruits are of green color then they are converted into their original color that is red, orange, or yellow.

Friends these are some of the tips which are used to grow the capsicum at home from its seeds and which I also use. Hope this article was useful to you. If yes, then comment and share this article.

Buy friends, take care and happy gardening!



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