How to do Hydroponic Tulsi Gardening At Home?

Have you ever heard of growing Tulsi through Hydroponic gardening at home?

Most people know about growing the Tulsi plant in soil in gardening containers.

But many of them are not aware of growing it in water.

But now onwards you can grow tulsi in water that means you can grow it hydroponically!

Hello friends! I am Utkarsh from Gardening Architect and brought for you the amazing hydroponic gardening method to grow Tulsi at home.

Today I will show you Easy non-circulating Hydroponics.

Not only Tulsi but you can grow many other plants through hydroponic gardening at home. Hence, make sure that you read the article till the end. So Let’s get started.

Using this method you can grow Basil, mint, coriander, chilly, and other many lots of vegetables at home.

Hydroponic gardening through Thermocol sheet at home

Now to start this process we will first need Thermocol that is a Styrofoam sheet. I am using this sheet because it floats on water and takes no damage from it. You can use other sheets which can float in water and is long-lasting.

Then take a vessel. In that, you should not take a glass vessel or a glass bottle or any vessel which is transparent. Because due to the transparent vessel, light transfers through the vessel and gives the chance for algae to grow in it.

That is very dangerous to the roots. Therefore always use the vessel that has opaque material. You can use any vessel made up of Aluminium or stainless steel.

After that put that vessel upside down on the thermocouple sheet and cut the thermocol sheet as per the size of the vessel. Then you have to make some holes on that circular sheet. So that you can insert the tulsi cuttings into it.

The people who have grown the plants such as tulsi, chilly, fenugreek, or coriander in soil and have the basic gardening knowledge, know that the plant usually takes 3–4 months to grow properly.

But in this method of hydroponic gardening, you can grow plants very fast at home. Therefore the time required is less. You can get the results in 1 or 2 months only.

Friends, did you have to water more because of the warm climate outside? Have you tired of watering again and again? Then you should try out this method. This method does not have weekly maintenance.

Only what you have to do is just change the water on Sundays and add fertilizer.

Preparing the Tulsi Cuttings

Friends, for growing the Tulsi plant hydroponically you must need some cuttings.

Therefore, first cut the tulsi leaves from the bottom of the steam and keep only two to three leaves at the upper side of the steam. Then insert the cuttings into the thermocol sheet holes.

Now, as we are facing the situation of covid -19, it becomes necessary for all to increase the immunity of the body. And as you all know, tulsi and black pepper are the best to increase our immunity. Do you know friends Tulsi/Holy Basil contains antioxidants?

Which helps us to fight with our daily Tiredness and stress. It also protects us from Viruses and Allergies. Growth of the plant.

Preparing the Hydroponic gardening setup at home

Now in the third step, fill the container with the water. If you have the rainwater then it is best. Otherwise, you can use any water but make sure that you keep it as it is for one night.

Now before putting the cuttings of tulsi in water, you should put 50ml of liquid fertilizer per liter. So if you are using 2 liters of water, then you should put 100ml of liquid fertilizer into it.

Then mix this fertilizer into water very well. After that put the thermocol and tulsi cuttings on water in that container.

Now you must be wondering from where do I get this fertilizer? if yes then listen, I have made this fertilizer of my own. This is my organic homemade fertilizer made for hydroponic gardening at home.

And the method of making this fertilizer is covered by me at the end of the article. Therefore read the article till the end.

Friends a lot of people who are following the method of hydroponic gardening at home, grow the plants by buying the fertilizer. Which has a very high cost. And also that is not organic.

Friends you can use this fertilizer on anything growing in water. For example, you can also use this on a money plant.

Update after a few days

Now you can see its growth in just 6 days. Now if you notice the problem of a black spot on the leaves in the same way as I noticed then you can use the liquid pesticide. This liquid pesticide is also organic and made of my own.

This is an all-purpose liquid pesticide and protects the plant from all kinds of diseases. Hence, I use this homemade organic pesticide treatment for my plants.

Now I will show you my tulsi plant grown after 15 days. And also let me show you the roots. All the roots are grown up properly and the choice is up to you that you want to grow the plant in the soil or in water.

If you want to grow into the water you need to change the water and give it fertilizer at right time. Changing the period of water must be weekly.

Changing the water

For changing the water, first take three vessels. Then take water in 1st vessel and then transfer the Tulsi Thermocol sheet into that vessel.

After that transfer the water of 2nd vessel into the 3rd vessel. Don’t throw that used water, keep it aside for later.

Now fill the 2nd vessel with fresh water. Now you must be knowing how easy it was.

Friends, the old water has told you to keep aside has a lot of fertilizer itself. So if you want you should put it on any of the plants. It is the best fertilizer!

Now as the plant has grown and the roots are also developed therefore it is necessary to increase the fertilizer amount for the plant.

So in the next stage you have to use 100 ml of fertilizer per liter in water. Then shift the thermocol tulsi sheet into the new fresh water.

Update after the second dose

Can you see the amazing growth?

Now you can see the amazing result after 7 days of second dose. This tulsi plant you have got in very very less time from hydroponic gardening at home.

This more growth of the tulsi plant is only because of the fertilizer. Therefore now let’s learn how to make that organic fertilizer?

How to make organic hydroponic gardening fertilizer at home?

Friends for hydroponic gardening at home, I will share two methods, from that one is to make the fertilizer with the help of kitchen waste.

1. Kitchen waste organic fertilizer

Friends, in the 4 liter of bucket, I am putting 500gms of kitchen waste. Friends, most of us throw the vegetable peels, so don’t throw it.

With the help of it you can make best fertilizer for plant and also used for hydroponic gardening at home. But how to make that kitchen waste that I will discuss in the another article.

Take the 500gms of kitchen waste into the 4 liter of water bucket. and then close it with any of the plate and keep it in the sunlight for 4–7 days.

Friends after 7 days your organic liquid fertilizer is ready for hydroponic gardening. After removing the plate on it, you should stir it properly.

After stirring the fertilizer, the foam will come on the upper side of the water and this symbolizes that the fertilizer is made perfect and is ready to use. This foam basically indicates the good growth of bacteria.

Before using fertilizer you just need to filter it out. You can use this not only on the plant in hydroponic setup but also on the flowering plant, vegetable plant.

After making it one time, you can store it for two months ahead. Friends, for storing you can use any of the plastic bottle or vessel.

But if we leave it as it is then because of sunlight a lot of algae will grow into it and our fertilizer will also get damaged. If you have the cold drink bottles then you can also store fertilizer in them.

Therefore to prevent fertilizer from algae growth, cover the container with Aluminum foil. This aluminum foil will never let the sunlight enter into the bottle and the fertilizer will remain safe for those two months.

Do you know friends? That we can grow off-season vegetables also with the help of hydroponic gardening at home as well. For example tomato, coriander, that grows in the winter season, you can grow into the summer season also.

2. Vermicompost

But friends, for making kitchen waste compost, it will at least need 2–3 months. But if you need instant results, then you can use vermicompost.

For that take one tablespoon vermicompost and mix it with 500ml of water. And after every time you change the water put the one tablespoon of vermicompost into it.

My opinion about hydroponic gardening at home!

Friends I bought this vermicompost from amazon and if you want to buy you can. Friends vermicompost is also one of the best compost. You can use it on any plant and also for the bonsai, it is one of the best fertilizers.

So friends growing tulsi plants through hydroponic gardening at home is easy than growing it in the soil or cocopeat. It requires very little effort and the yield is also maximum. Therefore according to me, growing vegetables and other plants through hydroponic gardening and also through cocopeat at home is the best way of growing the plants.

So, hope you like the article. If yes then tell me in the comment and also subscribe to Gardening Architect for more and more gardening updates. In the next blog, I will share with you the process of making compost from kitchen waste.

Now, if you have any doubt about growing tulsi at home through hydroponic gardening then ask me in the comment section. So see you again in the next article. Goodbye, Happy Gardening!



Hi, myself Utkarsh patil, I am doing my diploma in computer science engineering after 10th. Since childhood, I have lots of curiosity in growing various plants.

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Utkarsh Patil

Hi, myself Utkarsh patil, I am doing my diploma in computer science engineering after 10th. Since childhood, I have lots of curiosity in growing various plants.