Gardening Tips: The 15 Most common gardening mistakes.[English/Hindi]

Utkarsh Patil
1 min readSep 7, 2020


One of the various causes individuals discontinues gardening is the shortage of success of their gardening journey due to an absence of persistence and sure foolish errors they do related to gardening.

We will shortly focus on the Top Gardening Mistakes, each major and minor, and shortly discover ways to Tackle them one after the other. Remember this point, people with nice gardens are those that have made many errors up to now and realized from their errors over a course of time.

Some of those common mistakes are:-

  1. Poor Selection of soil / Attempting to develop high-quality crops from low-quality soil.
  2. Poor Sunlight.
  3. Over Watering & Underwatering.
  4. Planting out-of-season-crops
  5. Over or Under Fertilizing… and many more…

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